Audio version of our live DVD is available online now!


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The audio version of our concert - 'Through the Eyes of Infinity' is available now on the most of digital platforms! Listen and enjoy;)

The DVD vesion of this concert is still available and you can order it by e-mail:

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Listen to Japanese bonus songs online now!


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The new digital single is out now!


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Friends, we hope you are doing well!
We are happy to present you the new digital single 'The Bridge Across Infinity'!
The is the first release for us in 2020, and the music to this song was written by the great Stas Red! The song is based on Richard Bach's book "The Bridge Across Forever" and is a kind of our experiment with the progressive metal.

You can listen to the new single on all the digital platforms. Here are the few links:



SUNRISE will play online concert!


Due to quarantine we have no opportunity to share our music with you in a concert format in the near future.

But on May 24th we will play an online show for you in Music Gym Studio.

Join the live stream next Sunday: Live stream: Sunrise, NOVI (the event starts at 19:00 Kyiv time).

Wonderful Ukrainian band NOVI band  will share the stage with us.


No shows in shedule  at the moment

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