Audio version of our live DVD is available online now!


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The audio version of our concert - 'Through the Eyes of Infinity' is available now on the most of digital platforms! Listen and enjoy;)

The DVD vesion of this concert is still available and you can order it by e-mail:

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Listen to Japanese bonus songs online now!


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We are happy to announce that 10th anniversary edition of 'Trust Your Soul' album is out now! The CD's are available for order through the band's e-mail:
And once again we want to thank every one, who joined to our crowdfunding campaign and made this release possible! Your rewards are on the way to you!😉👍
And also we are happy to present you the new single - 'The Circles On the Sand'! This song also included as bonus track to the 'Trust Your Soul' X anniversary edition.
Listen to it on all the digital services like:
Google Music:


The new single and the release of 10th anniversary edition of 'Trust Your Soul' album!


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 SUNRISE launched the crowdfundung campaign!


SUNRISE launched the crowdfunding project for 10th anniversary edition of 'Trust Your Soul' album! The album will be re-released with the new cover artwork and the new bonus song.

If you want to participate in this campaign and make your preorder of the album - just go to the page of the crowdfunding campaign!


No shows in shedule  at the moment

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