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  Live videos from Metal United World Wide 2022

Check out these nice videos which was shot at Metal United World Wide 2022 and provided to us by Nevren Video channel 

The new song of SUNRISE - "Незламна" ("Unbreakable") is out now!

Listen to it here: LINK

Big thanks to Vitalii Petrenko for playing drums on this record!

  The new song is out now!



  The new single is out now!


The new single "Power of Freedom" is out now!

Freedom is one of the most valuable things in the world.

Today all the Ukrainians are fighting for it.

Through daily pain and horror, we're defending what's the most important: our land, our people, our Freedom.

With this post, we would like to ask you to help Ukraine. It's as easy as buying a T-shirt: for all the money raised, we'll buy useful things for Defenders of Freedom - the Ukrainian army.

To purchase the T-shirt - write us via direct messages or email:

or visit our Bandcamp page:

T-shirts are coming in two colors and different Male/Female sizes.



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