The new member of the band!


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Many of you already noticed that in our new video ( as well as on the songs in the new album ( - there is some mysterious guitarist appeared.

So now we are happy to announce that Maksym Vityuk joined the Power Of Five and became the part of SUNRISE!

Please welcome!


  'Equilibria' album and the new video is out now!


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OUT NOW! New album and "Equilibrium" video!

'Equilibria', the 4th full-length album of SUNRISE, has been officially released!

13 songs of the light, darkness, and their eternal fight, 13 songs to expand the frontiers of power metal, 13 songs of the brand new SUNRISE.

Check 'Equilibria' now via all the streaming platforms:

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Along with the album, the official video for the title track "Equilibrium" is here.

It represents the conception of confrontation between “good” and “evil”, embodied in the figures of the samurai, and declares the main idea of maintaining a balance between the opposite sides of universal forces.

Post-production: Serge Nefat

Director: Konstantin Naumenko

Samurai: Alexander Sidorenko and Vladyslav Myronenko

Camera operators: Olexander Mostovyi and Igor Koziyanchuk

Light engineer: Vladimir Andreychenko

Make-up: Nika Barsukova

Photo: Anna Zabolotnya


 The new release date for 'Equilibria" album


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The date is almost there, but it's time for a little more patience.

Due to the overmastering forces of the Universe, we have to postpone the release of 'Equilibria' for a week.

But don't worry: CDs are on the way, as well as a digital release, and on May 25th it will be as unstoppable as it could be.

Thank you all again for your support via a crowdfunding campaign and for being with us on this journey.


 The crowdfunding campaign is finished!


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Yes! We did it! The whole amount is gathered!

We want to say big THANK YOU to everyone, who supported this campain and make us believe that our music is still needed!

We are happy to know that together we can make a big deal and develop the band to the new level!

All our crowdfunding supporters will receive their rewards the week before the official release (+/- it depends from shipping time of the post office).

And everyone who want to preorder the physical CDs of the album - please contact us via e-mail:

The digital preorders will start 09.05.2021