SUNRISE - Liberty   2007

SUNRISE - Trust Your Soul  2009

SUNRISE - Absolute Clarity   2016



SUNRISE - Through The Eyes Of Infinity  (live DVD) 2017

Internet single   2020


Track list

1 The Circles On The Sand


Internet single   2017


Track list



SUBLIMITY Records   2013 (Limited edition CD)


Track list

1 Hope And Pray

2 Live In Peace

3 Take You High (CB Milton cover)

4 If I Could Fly (Helloween cover)

5 Hope and Pray (live video)

6 Live in Peace (live video)



Internet single   2009


Track list

1 You And Me

2 Dreamer Online

3 If I Could Fly (Helloween cover)




Sunrise Productions   2006  (Limited edition CD)


Track list

1 Born To Find

2 Illusion Of Life

3 Inside Of  Rising Sun

4 Ілюзія Життя

5 Hold on To Your Dream (Stratovarius acoustic cover)



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