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  Live videos from Metal United World Wide 2022

Check out these nice videos which was shot at Metal United World Wide 2022 and provided to us by Nevren Video channel 

Now SUNRISE going to the studio to record guitars for the next full-length album! We have 10 new great songs for this album. So look for the news about the recording process!

  The new song is out now!


The new song of SUNRISE - "Незламна" ("Unbreakable") is out now!

Listen to it here: LINK

Big thanks to Vitalii Petrenko for playing drums on this record!


  The new single is out now!


The new single "Power of Freedom" is out now!

Freedom is one of the most valuable things in the world.

Today all the Ukrainians are fighting for it.

Through daily pain and horror, we're defending what's the most important: our land, our people, our Freedom.

With this post, we would like to ask you to help Ukraine. It's as easy as buying a T-shirt: for all the money raised, we'll buy useful things for Defenders of Freedom - the Ukrainian army.

To purchase the T-shirt - write us via direct messages or email:

or visit our Bandcamp page:

T-shirts are coming in two colors and different Male/Female sizes.


  Ukraine is under attack of Russia


Ukraine is going through the most difficult and decisive time, repelling the attack of the insidious invader. Peaceful people and children are dying here every day from Russian bombs and bullets. 
Ukraine will surely win!
Please, support our country in any way you can.





OUT NOW: the release of live concert album - "ORCHESTRAVELING"!

Concert includes 15 songs from all four studio albums played together with The Central Academic Army Band of Ukraine!

Listen to it on all digital platforms:

Order the CD here

  'ORCHESTRAVELING' is out now!


  The new music video is out now!


SUNRISE is proud to present you the new music video to the song 'Wild Swans'! This song is taken from the 'Equilibria' album, released in 2021. Listen to the whole album by the link:

  The Instrumentals from "Equilibria" is out now!


OUT NOW - Listen to Equilibria (The Instrumentals) on all streaming platforms!

  "Orchestraveling" will be released in 2022!

SUNRISE - Orchestraveling cover.jpg

Early next year we will release the audio version of our concert from 2018 in collaboration with the Orchestra of Military Forces of Ukraine!

This release, called "Orchestraveling", will include 15 songs that represent all 4 studio albums we have in our discography at the moment.

Now you can enjoy the amazing cover artwork made by talented Eugenia Malakhova.

Check out the details soon!


  The new member of the band!


max photo 2.jpg

Many of you already noticed that in our new video ( as well as on the songs in the new album ( - there is some mysterious guitarist appeared.

So now we are happy to announce that Maksym Vityuk joined the Power Of Five and became the part of SUNRISE!

Please welcome!

Equilibria small.jpg


  'Equilibria' album and the new video is out now!


OUT NOW! New album and "Equilibrium" video!

'Equilibria', the 4th full-length album of SUNRISE, has been officially released!

13 songs of the light, darkness, and their eternal fight, 13 songs to expand the frontiers of power metal, 13 songs of the brand new SUNRISE.

Check 'Equilibria' now via all the streaming platforms:

Order CDs & merch:

Along with the album, the official video for the title track "Equilibrium" is here.

It represents the conception of confrontation between “good” and “evil”, embodied in the figures of the samurai, and declares the main idea of maintaining a balance between the opposite sides of universal forces.

Post-production: Serge Nefat

Director: Konstantin Naumenko

Samurai: Alexander Sidorenko and Vladyslav Myronenko

Camera operators: Olexander Mostovyi and Igor Koziyanchuk

Light engineer: Vladimir Andreychenko

Make-up: Nika Barsukova

Photo: Anna Zabolotnya


 The new release date for 'Equilibria" album


new date.jpg

The date is almost there, but it's time for a little more patience.

Due to the overmastering forces of the Universe, we have to postpone the release of 'Equilibria' for a week.

But don't worry: CDs are on the way, as well as a digital release, and on May 25th it will be as unstoppable as it could be.

Thank you all again for your support via a crowdfunding campaign and for being with us on this journey.


 The crowdfunding campaign is finished!


we did it.jpg

Yes! We did it! The whole amount is gathered!

We want to say big THANK YOU to everyone, who supported this campain and make us believe that our music is still needed!

We are happy to know that together we can make a big deal and develop the band to the new level!

All our crowdfunding supporters will receive their rewards the week before the official release (+/- it depends from shipping time of the post office).

And everyone who want to preorder the physical CDs of the album - please contact us via e-mail:

The digital preorders will start 09.05.2021


 The new single is out now!



'Equilibrium' single is out now!

See on Youtube:

Purchase in HQ on Bandcamp:

Support us and participate in crowdfunding campaign to the upcoming album:


 Announce of the new single!



We are happy to announce that in a week we will release the second single - the song called Equilibrium from our upcoming album!

Don't forget to support the release of the album and make preorders on our crowdfunding campaign!


The cover artwork and the release date of the new album!


Equilibria small.jpg

SUNRISE has great news for you!

We are back with the new album called 'Equilibria'. This release is the 4th full-length studio album in our discography and it will be a significant milestone for the development of the band.

The album includes 13 songs, which are a mix of classic power metal, symphonic, epic, modern and progressive metal.


01 Wings Of The Dreamer

02 Equilibrium

03 We Are The Fire​

04 Wild Swans ​

05 Call My Name​

06 Unbroken Dreams ​

07 Life Is A Journey (feat. Mayo Petranin) ​

08 The Only Reason ​

09 The Bridge Across Infinity ​

10 The Shadow ​

11 The Bell​

12 Nightingale ​

13 Rebel Yell

At the beginning of 2020, you were intrigued and surprised by the first single called 'The Bridge Across Infinity', which sounded way different than all we did before. And it was just a first spark from the flame of the future release. There are many surprises we have prepared in our new work.

The release date of the album is May 18, 2021.

And now you can support the release by making preorders of the album or other good and useful stuff on our crowdfunding page.


Mayo Petranin on our upcoming album!



We have a great news for you! Mr. Mayo Petranin Symphonity, Castaway) will appear on our upcoming album as guest vocalist!


New live stream video is online!

Acoustic performance of 'Thunder In The Distance' in Kyiv Planetarium, (2020) is available on our youtube cannel! You can see the whole stream of the concert on our Patreon page: Sunbscribe now and get access to more exclusive video of SUNRISE on Patreon!


Another guest musician on upcoming album!



We are happy to announce one more guest musician on our upcoming album and this is real guitar hero - Yuri Khizhnjak! You know him well from our live DVD "Through The eyes Of Infinity"


One more guest musician on upcoming album!



We are happy to announce one more guest musician on our upcoming album! This is Ievgen Kostyukevych and you can remember him as bass guitarist of SUNRISE in 'Trust Your Soul' era. This time he will appear as guitar player on the couple of songs!


New remaster of 'Black Sheep' is online!


Five years ago 'A Tribute To Sonata Arctica' album was released and SUNRISE participated with the cover version to the classic hit of SA, called 'Black Sheep'.
Now we want to introduce you the remastered shiny version of this track!


Guest musician on upcoming album!



We are happy to announce that Maksym Vityuk joined us to record guitar parts for the new album!

And this announcement is not the last one 😉
Follow the news!


The new unplugged video!


We are happy to present you the new unplugged live video from the studio for the song 'All This Time'!

With this video we are launching our Patreon page, where from now on we will regularly publish new (and exclusive) videos.

Join our Patreon here:, choose your patron tier and enjoy the exclusive content!


SUNRISE online concert on YouTube!


Hello friends! Here is multi camera version of SUNRISE and NOVI online concert! Enjoy this video with HQ sound!
And also, check our Patreon page here:


SUNRISE will play online concert!


Due to quarantine we have no opportunity to share our music with you in a concert format in the near future.

But on May 24th we will play an online show for you in Music Gym Studio.

Join the live stream next Sunday: Live stream: Sunrise, NOVI (the event starts at 19:00 Kyiv time).

Wonderful Ukrainian band NOVI band  will share the stage with us.



The new digital single is out now!


the bridge -cover.jpg

Friends, we hope you are doing well!
We are happy to present you the new digital single 'The Bridge Across Infinity'!
The is the first release for us in 2020, and the music to this song was written by the great Stas Red! The song is based on Richard Bach's book "The Bridge Across Forever" and is a kind of our experiment with the progressive metal.

You can listen to the new single on all the digital platforms. Here are the few links:



Audio version of our live DVD is available online now!


TTEOI - audio_cover.jpg

The audio version of our concert - 'Through the Eyes of Infinity' is available now on the most of digital platforms! Listen and enjoy;)

The DVD vesion of this concert is still available and you can order it by e-mail:

Give me a Sign 4000 pix.jpg


Listen to Japanese bonus songs online now!


Not Your Friend 4000 pix.jpg


The new single and the release of 10th anniversary edition of 'Trust Your Soul' album!


Trust Your Soul X.jpg
Circles - cover art 3 RGB.jpg

We are happy to announce that 10th anniversary edition of 'Trust Your Soul' album is out now! The CD's are available for order through the band's e-mail:
And once again we want to thank every one, who joined to our crowdfunding campaign and made this release possible! Your rewards are on the way to you!😉👍
And also we are happy to present you the new single - 'The Circles On the Sand'! This song also included as bonus track to the 'Trust Your Soul' X anniversary edition.
Listen to it on all the digital services like:
Google Music:


 SUNRISE launched the crowdfundung campaign!


Trust Your Soul X.jpg

SUNRISE launched the crowdfunding project for 10th anniversary edition of 'Trust Your Soul' album! The album will be re-released with the new cover artwork and the new bonus song.

If you want to participate in this campaign and make your preorder of the album - just go to the page of the crowdfunding campaign!


 SUNRISE announced European tour!


Tour Poster.jpg

Europe! Sunrise is coming! 🔥

Come to check power metal from Ukraine:

Apr 7 - PL, Kraków, RockShot Pub (Sunrise + support / 07 IV 2019 /Krakow)
Apr 9 - CZ, Prague, Rock Club Kain
Apr 10 - PL, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Fanaberia
Apr 11 - SK, Banská Bystrica, Klub 77
Apr 12 - SK, Vrútky, RC Mlyn rock club
Apr 13 - HU, Budapest, S8 Underground Club (Power Forever - S8 Underground Club I Sunrise [UA] I +Zenekarok I Filléres Rockdiszkó)
Apr 14 - SK, Žilina, Smer Klub 77
Apr 20 - UA, Kyiv, Volume Club (with TANK (UK) Київ Volume club 20.04.19)


The new live video of SUNRISE!


New live video from Power Of Ukraine vol. 2 festival ;)🎷 Enjoy!


The solo album of SUNRISE's vocalist is out now!



The vocalist of SUNRISE - Konstantin Naumenko released the album of his solo project - DELFINIA!

  The album was recorded with the participation of musicians from such well-known bands as MasterPlan, Van Canto, Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Twilight Force, Pathfinder and others.

Listen to album and support it here:

Available via YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and other platforms. To order CD or T-shirt please contact


The new video of SUNRISE!


We are happy to present you our new video with crazy live performance of well known Helloween's song 'Dr. Stein'! Enjoy!


Changes in line-up


Hello friends! As you already noticed, we have the new line-up on the last concerts and now it's time to explain what's going on.

Unfortunately, Ruslan Vakuliuk (bass), Marat Adiev (keyboards) and Max Kobzev (guitar) left the band and we want to introduce you the new members.

Would you please welcome the great guitarist Evgeniy Vasiliev and amazing bass player - Vladyslav Sedov! Also well known Alexander Ignatenko joined us on the drums after some pause for several years. And charming Daria Naumenko became the main keyboardist of the band and also you still hear her wonderful voice in our songs.

We hope you will like the new line-up and its exellence!
So stay with Sunrise and follow our news!



The new live video of SUNRISE!


We are happy to present you another one video from the concert of SUNRISE with an Orchestra of Military Forces of Ukraine! And this time it's the song called "Not Your Friend". Enjoy!


The new video of SUNRISE!


At the beginning of the year, the most important concert in the history of Sunrise took place. We shared the stage together with the Orchestra of Military Forces of Ukraine and celebrated the 15th anniversary of the band with you.

Today, we want to thank everyone who has joined the organization and support of this concert, as well as to present the first live-video. Enjoy!


The new guitarist of SUNRISE!


We would like to answer the question about changes in the line-up of the band. We are pleased to announce that talented musician Maksim Kobzev joined Sunrise as a permanent guitarist!


The new video available!


Check out our new live video! Cover version of the legendary "Unbreakable" of Stratovarius!


The photos from City Of Power Festival (PL)!


Check out these wonderful photos from City Of Power Festival in Zgierz (PL)!
Our big thanks to the great photographer - vSpectrum!


The new live video available!


This is the live video to the song "Star Ocean" from our winter's concert in Lviv (UA)


The new single out now!


The new Ukrainian single, called 'ДАР' ('Gift') are available in different digital services:
Google Play:


One more  new live video!


Almost two weeks ago we've released our live DVD "Through The Eyes Of Infinity"! And we want present you one more live video from this release!
It available for order on our site.


Our new live DVD out now!


Today is the great day for our band! Finaly our live DVD out now!
It available for order on our site.
Also check out one more video from this great concert! Enjoy!


The new live video!


We are happy to introduce you the live video to the song "All This Time", taken from upcoming DVD-release!

Also we want to inform you that in case of preorder, the DVD and signed poster will be sent you a week before the release date!




The first live-DVD in history of Ukrainian power metal will be released at 19th of January 2017!
Exactly in a year since the release of 'Absolute Clarity' album SUNRISE will share with the world the video from their April solo concert. DVD will have the name "Through The Eyes Of Infinity"!
Pre-order available:

1. Prelude To Infinity
2. Tower Of Fear
3. Star Ocean
4. Live In Peace
5. Prayer For You
6. Reality Of Dreams
7. What You Have Done
8. When Here Comes The Night
9. The Angel
10. Eyes Of Infinity
11. Hope And Pray
12. Thunder In The Distance
13. Trust Your Soul
14. Relax
15. Love Will Set You Free
16. All This Time


The new live video!


Check out our new live video to the song 'Hope And Pray', which we've performed at Daily Metal Fest (27.08.2016)!


The new guitarist!


Now it's time to announce that Agnarr became our permanent guitarist!
We are very grateful to Sergey Matushenko for all those years being with us and recording wonderful album - Absolute Clarity!
Also we are very grateful to Yuriy Hyzhnyak for great help to our band and few amazing shows he played with us! So he will be immortalized on our upcoming live DVD!


Absolute Clarity on tape!


'Absolute Clarity' is officially released in audio cassette format on Indonesian  lable Metal Force Records!


Special Japanese realease!


Great news! Together with Spiritual Beast label we are prepairing the special Japanese release of 'Absolute Clarity' album with the two bonus tracks! The release date is 20th of April!


The new album out now!


Our new album "Absolute Clarity" out now! It's available for orders on our site!


The the release date of new album!


We are happy to announce the release date of our new album "Absolute Clarity", and it's 19th of January 2016! The album will be available for orders on our official site!


Legendary guitarist Agnarr joined SUNRISE!


Our guitarist Sergey Matushenko moved to USA for a year. He stays the member of the band but for this time the legendary Ukrainian guitarist Agnarr will take his place! Earlier we reported that Agnarr had recorded the guitar solo to the one of the songs on 'Absolute Clarity' album and now you can see him on our nearest gigs!

Hey, friends,
   We have great news for you!
We are happy to introduce you the cover of our upcoming album 'Absolute Clarity' and the track list!
   The cover artwork and design for this album were made by talented Brazilian artist Jean Michel (Designations artwork) and he did really fantastic work!       

There are many unexpected and intriguing elements in the album's design. We are very impressed by this work!

  The album includes 10 songs:
1. Tower Of Fear
2. Star Ocean
3. Live in Peace (album ver. 2015)
4. Prayer For You
5. Reality Of Dreams
6. What You Have Done
7. When Here Comes The Night
8. The Angel
9. Hope And Pray (album ver. 2015)
10. Thunder In The Distance




The news about new album!



The new video!


We are very proud to show you the new video to the song 'Tower Of Fear' from our upcoming album 'Absolute Clarity'! Enjoy!


Changes in the band


Unfortunately our guitarist Vitaliy Petrichenko and drummer Alexander Ignatenko made deсision to leave the band.
And we want to introduce you the new members of SUNRISE: keyboard player Marat Adiev and drummer Eduard Sarkits! These guys played with us some time as session musicians and now we've decided that they are the best choice for SUNRISE!


Details about "A Tribute to SONATA ARCTICA" release!



Some new live videos!





Ouergh Records are honoured to announce that ‘A TRIBUTE TO SONATA ARCTICA’ will become available physically and digitally worldwide through Bandcamp on July 3rd 2015, with additional services to soon follow.


A tribute album in its purest form, this release features fantastic new recordings of classic Sonata Arctica songs performed by their musical peers, as well as younger artists who are truly influenced by the Finnish power metal masters.

The tracklisting for the release shall be:

1. TIMELESS MIRACLE – FullMoon (05:13)
2. STREAM OF PASSION – I Have A Right (03:49)
3. DYSCORDIA – My Land (04:43)
4. VAN CANTO – Victoria’s Secret (04:46)
5. SUNRISE – Black Sheep (03:52)
6. XANDRIA – Don’t Say A Word (06:07)
7. COLDSPELL – Letter To Dana (05:04)
8. MAJESTY OF REVIVAL – The Cage (04:35)
9. POWERGLOVE – Revontulet (01:38)
10. CELESTIAL WISH – Paid In Full (04:33)
11. INNVEIN – Wolf & Raven (04:30)
12. ARVEN – Replica (04:48)


Bonus Tracks, featuring artists signed to OUERGH RECORDS:

13. ABANDONED STARS – San Sebastian (05:16)
14. DISPOSABLE – 8th Commandment (04:09)
15. XENO – Wildfire (04:08)


Mastered by Pasi Kauppinen (Sonata Arctica) at Studio57, Finland

Artwork by Jan Yrlund of Darkgrove Design


For those of you who pledged to our Kickstarter campaign, surveys shall be sent through to you in the coming week to collect your order information – please keep an eye out!


Check back again soon for teaser trailers, a new pre-order page for the album, as well as the official video for the album’s first single.





Check out our new live videos shooted by Daily Metal web-zine on our recent show in Kyiv!

We will participate in 'A Tribute To Sonata Arctica' album!
Visit the page with campaign and make your pledges!


SUNRISE will participate in 'A Tribute To Sonata Arctica' album!



SUNRISE begins the recording of new album!



The new solo project of Laars Naumenko.


The debut e-single and video of new solo project of Laars Naumenko - DELFINIA - «I"m Here» released! The single includes two songs: «I"m Here» and «Loneliness». Download the full version of the single on official web site:


Sunrise 10th anniversary shots.


The photo shots from the 10th anniversary show are available in GALLERY section.

Our 10th anniversary consert anounced in November 24th, Club "Bochka", Kyiv, UA!


Sunrise 10th anniversary concert!


The presentation of our band in the show La Magia Absalon in Mexico.


SUNRISE on the radio!



"Hope And Pray" EP out now on CD!


Good news! Our EP "Hope And Pray", which earlier was published as internet-release, now published on CDs by SUBLIMITY Records! This CD includes bonuses: the cover-version of "If I Could Fly" (by Helloween), the two live videos to the songs "Hope And Pray" and "Live In Peace" and also it contains 8-pages booklet. This release is very limited edition - only 100 copies and every CD has its own number! Collectors are welcome!;)

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